Monte Thakkar
Monte Thakkar

Monte Thakkar

Hello, I'm Monte. 👋🏻  I’m currently working as a Product Engineer at a tech startup called Curio. We are building the best NFT analytics product in the Web3 space. We are a small but highly experienced team working remotely in the US.

I’m currently based in Austin, Texas, and have lived here for over a year.

Previously, I worked as an iOS  engineer at Expedia. I’ve also worked as a full-stack engineer @ Pillow which Expedia acquired in 2018.

Key Beliefs

  • Who you work with is more important than what you work on.
  • It’s about the journey (being present) not the destination (end outcome).
    • If you can be FULLY present in THIS moment, every outcome is a good one.
  • Curiosity is the cure for judgment (grounding assessments not assertive declarations).
  • Life is all about probabilities.
  • All we control is our reactions to events & how we resolve things that happen to us in life. Take responsibility.
  • Focus on the knowns (what you can control) and not on the unknowns (uncertainty)
  • In what way can I grow as an individual today & how can I move my team forward? (think outside the box, not ordinary contributions, connect with team members)


Understand financial markets & actively invest
Work in Product & Strategy full-time
Travel & explore the world
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