Japan - May 2024

Japan - May 2024

ChrysB’s Tokyo Map



  • Leave LAX on Thursday morning, May 2nd
  • Reach Tokyo on Friday afternoon, May 3rd
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May 4 (Sat) Tokyo
  • Shibuya crossing (times square of Tokyo)
    • “This is cool to see, but I wouldn’t spend too much time in Shibuya. Maybe grab lunch there at a ramen spot and bounce to Akihabara.” - ChrysB
  • Akhibara (anime-themed area)
    • “lots of crazy stores and is a great place to visit once” - ChrysB
  • Tokyo Skytree (Sunset view from here)
May 5 (Sun) Tokyo
  • Teamlab interactive art museum (rave reviews in Tokyo)
    • “I did one of these. It was fun.” - ChrysB
  • Tokyo Imperial Palace
  • Shinjuku (nightlife)
    • “Eat at Omoide Yokocho when in Shinjuku (Yokochos are small densely packed series of restaurants)” - ChrysB
May 6 (Mon) Fujiyoshida (100km from Tokyo)
  • Drive to Fujiyoshida and spend time in the city and get views of Mount Fuji
  • Do Chureito Pagoda and Mt Fuji Panoramic view. Can even spend the night at Fujiyoshida (away from the bustling city)
May 7 (Tue) towards Kyoto
  • From either Tokyo or Fujiyoshida leave for Kyoto (4 hr train ride) and reach Kyoto in the evening
  • Explore the streets of Gion
  • Spend the night at a traditional Japanese house (Ryokyan)
May 8 (Wed) still in Kyoto
  • Early morning Arishiyama (have to be here before 7 am for the best views) -- it's a bamboo forest
  • If time permits Kinkakuji (which is a golden shrine)
  • Fushimi Inari (the most iconic shrine in Kyoto)
May 9 (Thur) still in Kyoto
  • Drive to Nara (Deer Park) 40km from Kyoto. Could see glimpses of cherry blossoms (Peak bloom is mid-April). Unique experience feeding deers chill rest of the day
  • Late night leave for Okinawa
May 10 (Fri) Okinawa
  • Snorkeling in Kohama Island's
  • Star gazing at night
May 11 (Sat) still in Okinawa
  • Iriomote Island’s mangrove forest
  • Flight back to Tokyo in the evening
May 12 (Sun) back to Tokyo
  • Sumo wrestling tournament starts morning at 10 am
  • Final shopping (Harajuku / Omotesando / Daikanyama)
  • Flight back home at 10 pm Japan time
  • Land in LAX on Sunday afternoon, May 12th