Requesting support for my move to LA

First off, thank you! The last few weeks in LA have been personally fulfilling & professionally energizing for me. I really appreciate the support in terms of covering my rent in Venice, introducing me to friends & fostering a supportive work environment at the office.

Looking ahead, I see myself living in LA long-term and would like to request support from you to make my transition easier, either financially or logistically. Outlined are a few scenarios to consider:

Austin apartment lease ends on October 30, 2023

Option 1

After my Airbnb ends in Venice on June 30th, I go back & live in Austin until my lease ends on October 30th.

This would allow me to pay only one rent each month, not have to pay anything extra for breaking my lease, and move to Venice after my lease ends on November 1st.


  • Living in Venice: currently
  • Venice Airbnb move-out date: June 30, 2023
  • Living in Austin: July, August, September, October
  • Austin apartment lease end date: October 30, 2023
  • Venice apartment move-in date: November 1, 2023


  • None


  • I would have to work remotely for 4 months from Austin - July, August, September, and October

(My preference) Option 2

I move to Venice as soon as possible by:

  • breaking my lease in Austin (60 days’ notice + two months’ rent ~$4K)
  • finding a new place in Venice (the earliest would be starting August 1st)

This will allow me to continue working in person and only take 2-3 days off in July to move out & move in.


  • It would help if the company could cover the cost of breaking my lease in Austin ~4K total
  • I’d like to take 2-3 days off to move all my stuff


  • I could find someone to sublet my apartment for the duration of my lease & subsidize my rent in Austin

Moving Logistics

I live in a one-bedroom and have my own furniture. I’d like to move all my stuff from Austin to CA and one option is using U-Box Pod Containers which are large enough to fit big furniture & they transport it for you.

Never used one before, but I’d probably need 2 containers ~2K total.


  • None

Finding a new place in LA

I think I’d want to live in Venice based on my experience so far, but I’m open to other places as well - Marina Del Rey, Mar Vista, Westdale, Palms, and Culver City.

The start date for my lease that I’m considering are:

  • August 1st
  • November 1st

In either scenario, I’d need to make the most of my time in Venice in June to see places & try to finalize a house/apartment so that it’s ready to move in. Also need to figure out my roommate/living situation which will take some time.


  • None