Key Principles

  • In the medium term (1-5 years) - optimize for the lowest avg buy price vs the highest avg sell price
  • Keep up with financial market news & macro market trends
  • Continue to educate yourself about investing in financial markets
  • Holding cash (available right away but prone to inflation) vs investing in specific things that will outperform cash (higher risk with more upside)
  • Have at least 50% of your entire portfolio in cash (available to use during the next 5 years)
  • Invest at least 10% of your annual salary
  • Save (in cash) at least 15% of your annual salary
  • Invest based on Weighted DCA - based on risk strategy (using RSI + volume)
  • Trade semi-actively in the market since Iā€™m trading in the medium term (not long term - just buy and hold)

Trading Frequency

  • Perform 3-5 trades a month // 50 trades a year

Trading View